Best Body – Store with nutrients and supplements

Best Body – Store with nutrients and supplements

BEST BODY offers effective and inexpensive supplements for muscles and the most famous brands such as: Fitmax, Trec, Scitec, Olimp, Best Body Nutrition, Dymatize, Swanson, Tested Nutrition, BSN, APS and many others.

What we did ?

Dedicated, thematic template and functionality of the Best Body store

Together with the Best Body store, we have prepared a thematic store layout and dedicated functionality. Apart from three basic pages: home page, category page and product tab, we have designed additional pages based on dedicated functionality: the supplementation wizard and encyclopaedia of knowledge for the bodybuilder.

Advanced menu -
Filtering manufacturers by alphabet

The great variety of products in terms of features and attributes forced the preparation of an advanced store menu based on the alphabetical division of products into individual manufacturers. The entire menu is managed and edited from the administration panel.


Dedicated modules for the BestBody store

The specificity of the products required the creation of dedicated additional modules. We have prepared for the Bestbody store: a module of the encyclopaedia of flavours, a module of the most popular supplements in the category, a module of ingredients in the product and a module of availability of products in the warehouse.


FAQ Module

The FAQ module is a structured set of content consisting of the most frequently asked questions by users of the BestBody store together with the answers. By creating the FAQ module, the customer can quickly and clearly find the answer to the annoying questions without the need to contact the shop staff.

Blog Module

We have made an advanced Blog module. The module has an extensive tree category, divided into dates, authors and categories of artists.

Each article can be assigned any number of photos, content and selected products or groups of products from the store. The module effectively increases promotion of selected products.

Responsive Web Design – Access to your store with mobile devices

RWD is a technique of designing websites so that their appearance and layout automatically adjust to the size of the browser window e.g. a browser, smartphone or tablet.

Prestashop version
Shop design
Responsive Web Design