Tuppi shop - Everything for a child!

Tuppi shop - Everything for a child!

Tuppi shop - Everything for a child! Our mission is to provide parents with everything they need in the most important period of a child's life and growing up. We are happy that we are here for you at every step, with helpful tips and a wide range of products!

What we did ?

Colourful journey around Tuppi shop

The full-colour shop layout divided into dedicated zones creates perfect conditions for travelling around the store and making dream shopping for your child. Customers can find the most interesting things for their children in the zones of news, promotions and recommended products, in a simple and legible way.

Main categories of the shop

The wide assortment of the shop caused the fact that four main categories are placed in the middle of the shop home page. The division into toys, clothes, children's room and sales creates a clear and colourful presentation and allows you to quickly reach a selected category and products.

Category page of Tuppi shop

The shop category page has been divided into two columns. The left column has an extensive filter with the division into features and attributes of the products. The scope of filtering, assignment of features and attributes is freely edited by the shop administrator.

The right category column contains a list of products that meets the range of filter selection. Product photo, news and promotion icons, manufacturer's name, product name and price - all this creates a clear presentation. If the product has different colour variants, this information appears under the product.

Integration of social media - an effective way to reach customers

At the bottom of the shop, there is a zone divided into three boxes. Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter. Thanks to these integrations, the shop becomes even more interactive by placing news on Facebook board and graphic presentation on Instagram.

Product page of Tuppi shop

The product page includes all product features and attributes, the scope of which has been specified on the category page.
A large product photo, product gallery in the form of photo thumbnails and a comprehensive and legible description complete the entire shop layout.
At the bottom of the product page, there is a zone with products that a customer may also be interested in.
The entire product page is freely edited by the shop administrator

Tuppi shop visible on mobile devices

RWD is a technique of designing websites so that their appearance and layout automatically adjust to the size of the browser window e.g. a browser, smartphone or tablet.

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